Pi-Hole Install, Results, and Resources by Robert Walker

Pi-Hole is a custom DNS server designed specifically to block ads, trackers, and malware. Pi-Hole can run from virtually any always-on hardware, including a Raspberry Pi, old PC, NAS, or Cloud Service.

See https://pi-hole.net/ for more information.

Here I will discuss my installation process, some initial results, and some extra resources.

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New Demo Page! by Robert Walker

Happy to announce that along I've started a demos page!  I'll be adding new demos occasionally that highlight some neat things you can do with JavaScript. 

Along with this blog, which features many demonstrations and how-to's, I think this demonstration page will help some users thing of new possibilities!

I'll try to keep as many of these demos to this site URL as possible, but may link externally for Node.js, ArcGIS Online, or other reasons I need server-side production. 

Automation with Complex, Pre-Formatted Excel Templates by Robert Walker

I recently had the pleasure of automating a reporting system for a client that required the use of an existing complex and pre-formatted Excel template with specific page breaks, merged cells, borders, and more.  Here I describe how I was able to use Python and Excel together while maintaining the original template structure and formatting.

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