High Level Programming Development by R. Dylan Walker.

As a JavaScript/Python developer for a large, highly respected consulting firm, I have built a practice area that focuses on helping clients through focused data exploration, analysis, reporting, and visualization, primarily through the development of web applications.  I am proficient in Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and have developed web applications use the MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) stack and Django with React.

I am passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems.  As an avid technophile who started programming batch (DOS) files in preschool, combined with the patience to install Windows 3.1 from several dozen floppy drives, I continuously learn to bring the best solutions to his clients.

Clients benefit from my decade of experience solving engineering and scientific problems around the world.

Please contact me for a resume or other information at dylan_walker@yahoo.com.

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